What are the features of the Attendance Tracking Software?

Event-Attendance Pro

Event-Attendance Pro is a desktop software that allows you to track attendance at your seminars, conferences, classes, workshops or training events using portable proximity card readers or barcode scanners. It reduces the administrative hassles of managing manual processes in attendance tracking. Event-Attendance Pro is a powerful, affordable and easy-to-use solution that saves time and money for both the organizer and attendees. What was a cumbersome and inefficient method can now be an automated and verifiable process with Event-Attendance Pro.

If interested in a Web / Cloud solution for attendance tracking, visit i-Attend.com.

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Features of Attendance Tracking Software

Capture attendance accurately

No more pen and paper sign-in sheets; no more unreadable handwriting. Event-Attendance Pro captures attendance through an automated identity process using your existing ID Badges.

Generate receipt as evidence of attendance

As soon as attendance is captured, a receipt can be printed and given to the attendee. The software interfaces with any receipt printer to produce a customizable attendance receipt.

Create unlimited events (recurring, one-time, all-day, public and private)

Create unlimited events. The limit is dictated only by the available resources on your computer.

RFID Badge, Key Fobs or Barcode Badge

Leverage current badge investments by using existing ID Badges or Key Fobs for identity validation.

Segment your attendees by Department or Tag

By segmenting your attendees by department or tag, you can allow specific groups to your events. Allowing you to identify who actually ATTENDED and who DID NOT ATTEND.

Manual Attendance

You have the ability to manually adjust attendance times for any event.

Capture Check-in and Check-out

You have the ability to capture Check-in and/or Check-out times. This option is available during event creation.

Upload unlimited attendees

You can add or upload unlimited attendees. The limit is dictated only by the available resources on your computer.

Kiosk Mode

Run in unattended or Kiosk mode to capture attendance.

Generate reports and extract attendance data

Run reports in real-time at your convenience. The software uses SQL Lite as its database.